August 30, 2006

Other Blacksmith Blogs and Links

Recently, I have read a book "Metallurgy fundamentals" by Daniel A Brandt. It is written in the style of a 7th grade physical science book - definitely an introductory text. I am glad to learn about the various crystals: ferrite, pearlite, cementite, the molten austenite, and the hardened form - martensite. I have not run across "Isothermal Transformation Diagrams" more than maybe once before, and I'm not sure why I don't see alot of them in blacksmithing books. I would guess that most blacksmiths use the metal color and personal judgement as their guide.

I am still working at the craft, but until I have a more respectable update, here are some links.

Google Books - Blacksmith has some older books with full text. I believe they will be allowing PDF download soon.
Steel Working and Tool Dressing: A Manual of Practical Information for Blacksmiths and All Other Workers in Steel and Iron

The Modern Practice of American Machinists & Engineers: Including the Construction, Application,...

George Dixon - creator of Artist-Blacksmith Magazine

Yet Another Railroad Track Anvil Project
(has a recipe for cutting oil)

From The Blacksmith's Corner

Free PDF Craft Books - some of these are EXCELLENT!

Mechanical Engineer's Handbook, 1916 edition

Good Books from Amazon

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